TikTok To Test Search Ads

TikTok To Begin Testing Search Ads

TikTok is testing delivering ads within its search results. The video ads have a “Sponsored” label and are located above the “Others search for” section, within the top four results.

According to SearchEngineLand, the Search Ad test was spotted and tweeted by Herrmann. He noted that once you can run ads in search results, you can pull the search terms for ads that converted and use those search terms with high click-through rates from search results as titles for your top-performing TikToks to drive additional value.

In it’s current state, TikTok search ads are only for managed accounts.

TikTok Advertising Continues to Grow

TikTok search ads, once developed fully, will be a great new targeting technique for the quickly growing TikTok Ad Engine. TikTok Search Ads could revolutionary. With more and more users by the day, AdToro predicts TikTok to become a major player in the digital advertising space.

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