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Sponsored Shopping Ad Label Receiving Makeover

Google Shopping Ads
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Before COVID-19 took the world by storm, Google updated the way it labels Shopping ads across mobile search results. To all of our desktop searchers out there, that change is now coming to you.

What Does This Mean?

Simply put, the “Sponsored Label” (shown below), is now replaced with a simple label that says “Ads”

Here is the before photo:

Google Shopping Ads

Using the same “Buy Jordan Sneakers” search, this is how the ads now appear:

Google Shopping Ads

Why Do We Care? Well, We’ll Let Search Engine Land Explain It:

“We’ve charted Google’s history of ad labeling changes, which have arguably grown more subtle over the years. However, this update will bring uniformity to Shopping, Search and Hotel ads labeling and offer a clearer treatment for users. This is particularly true for Shopping tab results which now feature free listings.”

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