Say Goodbye to the 10 Minute TikTok Video

10 minute TikTok videos are gone

Annnnnnd say goodbye to those 10 minute TikTok Videos.

TikTok users were recently surprised to find the option to upload videos up to 10 minutes long had been removed without warning. Since then, many users have posted their confusion and frustration on the platform asking why the change was made and requesting that it be brought back.

The sudden disappearance of such an important feature could potentially decrease user trust, engagement, and even advertiser confidence in the platform. If TikTok fails to be consistent with their updates, users may start to see it as unreliable and therefore be less likely to continue using it. The UGC-based app needs to be mindful of this when rolling out new updates if they want to build sustainable loyalty from both advertisers and users alike.

Stay tuned for more updates.

AdToro Staff

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