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If You Own or Work for a Hotel…Google Ads Just Announced Some Exciting New

Property Promotion Ads
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Property Promotion ads are now available globally for hotels looking to capture demand for users who are searching for hotels.

“They show prominently in search results for geographical locations, allowing advertisers to position specific hotels in a particular place. Previous to this launch, direct participation in property promotion ads was done through a whitelist,” wrote Peter Fernandez, Product Manager, Hotel Ads in the announcement.

Prior to the announcement, hotel advertisers were only given access to Property Promotion ads on a whitelist basis.

How Do They Appear in the Search Results?



What’s the difference between hotel booking link ads?

“While standard hotel booking link ads are meant for advertisers to capture a booking for a hotel a user already chose, property promotion ads are designed to enable advertisers to influence the buying decision for users still looking for a hotel,” said Fernandez.

With this launch, property promotion ads will be made available via an ad group type within the Hotel Campaign in Google Ads. All active hotel campaign advertisers will be eligible to show.

As the COVID-19 pandemic inches closer to resolution, travel is likely to begin picking up. For hotel advertisers, this new tool will help direct that traffic to your property and could pose as enormous lift in advertising power. As an agency that represents numerous hotels, thank you Google.

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