Microsoft’s New Policy Update: What Marketers Need to Know

Microsoft's New Policy Update What Marketers Need to Know

As the digital era advances, Microsoft recognizes the need for changes to enhance advertising with greater transparency and security. The giant tech company recently launched major policy updates, which help marketers reach a wider audience without compromising consumer protection. One of the significant changes is the new Cross-Device attribution model that provides a better way to attribute ads across devices. This means marketers can reach their audience on multiple devices while ensuring the campaign is accurately attributed.

Vitamin and Supplement Ads

It is worthwhile to note that vitamin and supplement ads are now allowed on Microsoft Ads, provided the claims are accurate and truthful. For example, a claim like “supports immune health” would be considered accurate and truthful. The policy demands ads to be backed by scientific research and results, and the advertisers must provide the appropriate documents. To avoid violating the policy, it is necessary to ensure claims are truthful, believable, and directly related to the product being sold.

Gambling and Betting Ads

Microsoft allows gambling and betting ads but with certain restrictions. The advertiser needs to be licensed in the market they wish to reach and have gone through the gambling enablement process. Furthermore, the ad content must adhere to legal gambling legislation, and the advertiser must provide the appropriate licenses and certification. It’s worth noting that the policy does not allow gambling and betting ads in Belgium, and Ireland is expected to follow suit with the forthcoming watershed on gambling ads.

Clinical Trial Ads

Starting from August 1st, 2021, Microsoft announced a global ban on clinical trial ads. This move is necessary to protect vulnerable consumers from misleading information that harms their well-being. However, there’s still an alternative for marketers to promote clinical trials through email or direct mail, provided the ad and marketing comply with Microsoft’s policy on email and direct mail advertising.

Changes to Microsoft Ads Accounts

Policy violations regarding misleading or harmful ads have adverse consequences on Microsoft Ads accounts. Depending on the severity and frequency of violations, ad components, stores, or products can receive disapprovals. However, egregious violations result in an immediate suspension penalty. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the policy updates and comply with them to ensure continued success on the platform.


Microsoft’s new policy updates have brought critical changes to advertising options and consumer protection. It is an exciting time for marketers to explore new ways to expand their audience and create high-quality ads. Nevertheless, presenting accurate and truthful claims for vitamin and supplement ads, following legal requirements for gambling and betting ads, and avoiding clinical trial ads will protect both the consumer and the advertiser. Marketers must be aware of the potential consequences of policy violations when seeking success on Microsoft Ads. Ultimately, transparency and accuracy in advertising are critical in ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship between advertisers and consumers.

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