How to Discover High-Potential Keywords for SEO

High-potential keywords don’t come from keyword planners or SEO tools alone. They come from third-party sources that offer a comprehensive view of website traffic and actual conversions. These high-potential keywords are phrases that bring relevant traffic to your website and lead to revenue. While Google Keyword Planner and other SEO tools are useful, they focus more on search volume and intent, not necessarily revenue.

Tailoring Keywords to Your Business

To find keywords that lead to sales, it’s crucial to explore other sources that combine website traffic with actual conversions. Let’s say you sell gardening supplies. You need to understand if your customers are interested in tools, indoor or outdoor gardening, and whether they prefer growing vegetables, flowers, or succulents. Knowing this helps you tailor your marketing to their interests.

If you track customer lifecycle metrics, you can see that SEO attracted them initially, and email was what persuaded them to make a purchase. This approach also works for other indirect conversions, like those from social media, PPC ads, or blog content.

Finding High-Conversion Phrases

So, how do we find these high-conversion phrases? The answer is to look at non-SEO tools and data providers first. A good starting point is referring to URLs. We all see the traffic backlinks we get naturally, the ones that we’ve built, and what our affiliates send us. And our companies should be tracking the conversions from them. If these referring URLs have traffic that converts, there is no reason you cannot try to replicate them.

Take the referring URL and plug it into your favorite SEO research tool. You’ll get a list of the keywords and phrases they show up for. Now, compile the ones most like the reasons you’re getting sales. Sometimes you’ll see zero search volume, but guess what, there is.

Using Customer Surveys and PPC Data

Another great source of high-potential keywords is customer surveys. Direct feedback from your customers can give you insights into their needs, preferences, and the language they use when searching for your products or services.

PPC data is another valuable resource. Google Ads and similar platforms allow you to check where your ads appear, such as on YouTube videos and websites. If you’re getting a good number of conversions, look at the topics that brought those conversions to your site.

YouTube videos can be a goldmine for article and keyword ideas. If the videos have chapters, consider creating a series of content about each chapter. If they showcase a feature that could lead to a conversion, check if you have that covered on your product or service page.

The Takeaway

Don’t start with the SEO tools for high-intent and high-conversion keywords. Those are all about search volume and intent. Beyond SEO tools, explore customer surveys, referring URLs, and PPC data for strategic insights. Aligning keywords with conversions is the key to driving revenue.

Shift your focus, embrace strategic approaches, and watch your business thrive. By focusing on high-conversion keywords, you’ll not only drive more traffic but also increase your chances of turning that traffic into sales.

AdToro Staff

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