Harness the Power of Gaming to Reach Consumers

Harness the Power of Gaming to Reach Consumers

Video games have evolved from a niche market to a mainstream form of entertainment. According to research, over 2.5 billion gamers exist worldwide, making it one of the most popular forms of media. With this increased popularity comes an opportunity for advertisers – and as gaming continues to evolve, so too do the possibilities for brands that are looking to reach consumers in a new way. In this blog post, we will look at the advantages of advertising in the video game industry, the role of women in gaming and their importance to marketers, mobile gaming as a viable platform for advertisers and measurement tools used in video game campaigns.

The Role Of Women In Gaming

Statistics show that female gamers have become more prominent than ever before. Women now make up 45% of all gamers (up from 38% just 5 years ago). This shift has been driven by various factors including an increase in female-oriented titles, improved accessibility and affordability of games across platforms and changes in social norms. Moreover, female gamers tend to be more engaged with games than male gamers – they spend more time playing each day and are twice as likely to watch streams or videos related to video games than males. This is important information for advertisers looking to tap into this lucrative segment – they need to ensure that their marketing efforts target women authentically rather than just treating them as an afterthought or trying too hard with gender stereotypes. Some successful strategies include using meaningful messages about how gaming is empowering women, creating content that resonates with female audiences and using female characters or influencers in ads or promotions.

Mobile Gaming As A Viable Platform For Advertisers

One key trend that has emerged recently is mobile gaming – which now makes up over half (53%) of all gaming revenue worldwide due to its affordability and portability compared with console systems like Xbox/Playstation/Nintendo Switch. Mobile games also offer great opportunities for advertisers – particularly when it comes to rewarded ad incentives where players can choose whether they would like access certain features within the game in return for watching an advertisement or completing a survey. However, there are several challenges associated with advertising on mobile apps such as user privacy concerns or banner blindness (where users may not even notice ads placed within apps). Brands should carefully consider these issues before launching a campaign on any platform. Examples of successful mobile game campaigns include Unilever’s Axe deodorant campaign on Candy Crush Saga which resulted in over 2 million downloads within 2 weeks!

Measurement Tools Used in Video Game Campaigns

To measure the success of any campaign, it’s important for marketers to understand what metrics are available when placing ads within video games. For online ads placed within games, viewability rates help measure how often viewers actually see and interact with advertisements on screen; click/downloads/purchases from banners; rewarded ad incentives; surveys etc., can provide further insights into how effective an ad campaign has been; all these metrics are essential for further optimization purposes.     


Summarizing the Main Points & Encouraging Further Discussion Video Games offer immense potential for brands looking to tap into existing and new audiences alike thanks their increasing prevalence among consumers around the world – especially females who are now playing more video games than ever before! Mobile gaming also presents many opportunities due its widespread accessibility coupled with rewards-based ad incentives that can be used by brands looking engage customers authentically at scale while measuring success through viewability rates and other metrics available through platforms like Google Ads Manager or Facebook Ads Manager etc.. As gaming continues its meteoric rise amongst consumers around the world, understanding how best your brand can tap into this potential market is key! By following our advice above you should be well on your way towards success when it comes targeting users through video games!

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