Google Will No Longer Track Users After Third Party Cookies

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We’ve all heard about the major changes coming to Facebook after Apple announced major iOS changes focused on increasing user privacy. Now Google is claiming they will no longer track users after they rid their users of cookie tracking.

Google made it known last year that it intends to drop support for third-party cookies in its Chrome web browser, citing a need to address growing concerns people have about their privacy.

Google continues to get asked whether it will develop alternative methods of tracking users, as others in the ad tech industry are doing.

Their answer? No. Once third party cookies are phased out, Google will not build a proprietary solution for tracking users as they browse the web.

How does this impact ads?

This is a question we’ve received from a number of our clients. Similar to Facebook, it remains to be seen. Our initial assumption is that audiences used for Retargeting and Prospecting will be severely limited. Naturally Retargeting plays a huge rule in digital marketing, especially in E-Commerce. Advertisers will now be tasked with building strong prospecting audiences that have high conversion rates. Clients can expect to see their overall cost/purchase increase and their overall ROAS decrease. By how much? That remains to be seen.

Personalized ads and Retargeting ads are going to be impacted. As an agency, it’s time to get creative.

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