Google Opening Up Free Product Listings to Compete with Amazon

Google Shopping Ads

In an attempt to gain even more product search real estate, Google will begin allowing free product listings into its Shopping results. Similar to Amazon, Google will still be allowing a paid version (Google Shopping Ads), however this will give sellers another channel to get their product in front of their target audience.

What’s Going to Be Different?

Beginning next week, the Google Shopping tab “will consist primarily of free product listings” according to Google. This will have a full cycle effect, from retailers to sellers to advertisers. For retailers, this update gives them the opportunity to display their products organically without having to spend on ads. In an unprecedented time like we’re currently in, this will prove especially valuable for small business owners. For consumers, this means even more shopping. While we still believe shoppers will lean towards shopping on Amazon, this will give the shopper more channels to buy through. For us advertisers, we now can balance organic listings with paid listings to better fit clients’ needs.

In order to take advantage of free listings, the seller will need to create a Google Merchant Center account. Most sellers will already have this account as this is what powers Google Shopping Ads. Additionally, sellers must opt-in to “surfaces across Google” to be eligible for the free, organic listing.

What About If I’m a Seller and I don’t Want To Worry About Any of This?

Get ready here comes a shameless plug, if you’re a seller and organic or paid Google shopping listings are too much to manage, let the experts handle it for you. Please visit us here to request a proposal.

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