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Google Makes Location Targeting for Shopping Ads A Little Bit Easier

Google Shopping Controls Location
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Does your E-Commerce business sell outside of just The United States? Do you utilize Google Shopping Ads? If your Google product feeds are set to show products across multiple countries, there’s a new feed field to make your life a little bit easier.

Introducing the shopping_ads_excluded_country attribute. This attribute is designed to keep some products from showing in certain countries you’re targeting, Google announced this month. That attribute will override the country targeting set at the feed level.

An example (from Search Engine Land). If the U.S. is your primary country of sale, and you’ve added Canada and Mexico as additional countries of sale in Merchant Center, you can use the shopping_ads_excluded_country attribute to exclude certain products from being advertised in Canada or Mexico Shopping results.

Does This Even Matter?

With this new attribute, there is no longer a need to create new product feeds for every location you run Google Shopping ads in.

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