Google Goes Big with Ad Headlines

Google Goes Big with Ad Headlines

Google is testing a larger font size in ad headlines.

Headline 1 displays in a larger font while headline 2 appears in a smaller font below it. The test was spotted by PPC hubbub and also documented by Search Engine Land.

An example of this can be seen below:

In the search result captured by PPC hubbub, all of the ads in the top positions above the organic results showed the test headline treatment.

Is This Important or Just New?

We will be curious to see how this impacts click through rates (CTRs). As with every Google Ads feature, Google often does plenty of testing before rolling it out to every customer. If the enlarged headlines does stick around, we would expect to see it only for the ad in the top position, further increasing the importance of paying to secure the top spot.

We will continue to monitor as we do with all features and let you know what we find!

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