Google Changes Titles in Search Results

Google Changes SEO Titles

Google has confirmed that the search engine has changed how it creates titles for search result listings. “Last week, we introduced a new system of generating titles for web pages,” the company said in an announcement on Tuesday.

Explaining the Change

Previously, Google often used the query the searcher entered into the search box when formulating the title of the search result snippets. But now, Google said, “generally” it “will no longer” use the query when making these titles. Instead, Google has a new system to generate these titles that the company claims “describe[s] what they are about, regardless of the particular query.”

Google said it is now “making use of text that humans can visually see when they arrive at a web page.” Specifically, Google is now considering “the main visual title or headline shown on a page.” This is content that site owners often place within  tags, within other header tags, or which is made large and prominent through the use of style treatments, the company explained.

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