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Voice Search
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“Hey Google” how do I optimize my ad search?

As of 2020, 50% of all online searches are done through a voice search function on your smart device. Alexia, Google, Siri and Cortana have become a permanent resident in our daily lives. With so many online searches initiating from voice, you’ll hear marketers frequently use the terms ‘Voice Search’ and ‘Search Query’.

Voice Search vs. Search Query

Whats the difference between a ‘Voice Search’ and a ‘Search Query’?

Think of a Search query as what a user types into google when they’re searching for a business, “nearest <business>”. Now how does that language change when they’re searching by voice?

Typically when using voice search, it’s more of a casual conversation with the smart device. “Hey Siri, where is the closest sports <business>.” How does this change the way you’re bidding on keywords? How does this impact the way you’re managing your online listings?

Keyword Bidding for Voice Search

When doing keyword research, look to see how many search queries include voice search indicators such as “Ok Google” or “Hey Alexa”. If you’re noticing that there is a growing volume with these search queries, it’s time you add them to your keyword list. The easiest way to do it? Download all your keywords in each ad group, add voice indicators in front of the keyword, and add them to your campaign as both phrase match and exact match type keywords.

Managing Your Online Listings for Voice Search

How many times have you Googled where to go for a night out, only to be shown a business with no contact information, no reviews and a slow outdated website. Don’t be that business. Making sure that your hours are correct, website and extensions are up to date, and old information is replaced with current information are simple ways to help Google, Siri, Alexa, etc. find your business. The assistant on your smart device isn’t going to trust every website. Your website needs to be mobile friendly, secure, and optimized for performance.

The Voice Search days are here. Is your online strategy ready to take advantage of it?

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