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E-Commerce Companies Spending More on Media Despite Coronavirus


For many industries, Coronavirus has been crippling. Take one look at the restaurant industry and you realize that Coronavirus has an impact not only on the health of people, but the health of our economy. However, there is one industry who seems to be benefitting from stay at home orders and social distancing. E-Commerce.

According to MediaRadar, ad spend increased 100% in the past couple weeks from $4.8 million dollars on February 17th to $9.6 million on March 9th. To better define ‘ad spend’, this includes traditional, print, and digital.

How Does This Impact Your Company?

If you’re in the E-Commerce space, spend as planned. If you’re seeing sales growth, certainly look to spend more during this time. There is one caveat, while more companies catch on and spend more, expect competition to increase. In our own clients, we have seen CPC’s increase as well as conversion volume. The major KPI’s we recommend monitoring during this time are Cost/Conversion and Conversion Value / Cost. Though clicks and impressions indicate awareness, Cost/Conversion and Conversion Value / Cost reflect spend efficiency. If you’re considering increasing your monthly budget, make sure that the additional spend is translating to new or repeat business.

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