Amazon Advertising

Amazon is expected to own 50% of the total e-commerce market share by 2021. If you’re selling products on Amazon, Amazon Advertising absolutely needs to be part of your digital strategy.

Amazon Advertisign

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Developing an Amazon Advertising campaign is easy. Where the challenge comes in is developing a campaign that is efficient. Though there’s no doubt in our mind you can create your own campaign, we have numerous case studies illustrating the gap between managing your own campaign and working with AdToro. If you’re not achieving your ACOS goals, it’s time to quit wasting money and work with a team full of experts.

  • Keyword Research
  • Account Structuring 
  • Portfolio Development
  • Placements and Bid Setting
  • Media Planning
  • KPI Goal Setting
  • Daily Maintenance and Optimization 
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Weekly and Monthly Performance Calls
  • Constant Improvement
  • No Set It and Forget It
  • Adaptable Campaigns
  • As Many Channels As You Need

What our customers say about us.

"We've been impressed with the results and the team's communication skills."

Sam Cabrera Office Movers Express

"Since bringing in AdToro, we have seen a nice lift in sales, conversation rates, and website traffic."

Ron Roy IntelliGym

"Their initiative and creativity to come up with new ideas for our ads are impressive."

Roko Mister Bandanda

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