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Amazon Advertising

Amazon is expected to own 50% of the total e-commerce market share by 2021. If you're selling products on Amazon, Amazon Advertising absolutely needs to be part of your digital strategy.

AdToro Amazon Advertising

We Manage Your Amazon Ads So You Don't Have To.


Developing an Amazon Advertising campaign is easy. Where the challenge comes in is developing a campaign that is efficient. Though there's no doubt in our mind you can create your own campaign, we have numerous case studies illustrating the gap between managing your own campaign and working with AdToro. If you're not achieving your ACOS goals, it's time to quit wasting money and work with a team full of experts.

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The AdToro Process

Account Structure

Amazon Advertising is its own language with no cookie cutter solutions. We create custom campaign structures involving Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brand Management, and Product Display Ads


  • Full Management of all Amazon Advertising ad types, including DSP
  • Full access to auto-bidding technology to manage bids at the individual keyword level
  • Real-time keyword harvesting and negative keyword harvesting
  • A/B Testing Ad Creative and Copy for Sponsored Brand and Product Display Ads


We give all of our clients access to a live dashboard hosted directly on our website. It's your marketing dollars, you should know what's going on at all times. 

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