AdToro Expanding Into NIL and Influencer Talent Management in Q3 2023

AdToro Expanding Into NIL and Influencer Talent Management in Q3 2023

AdToro, the premier full-service global digital marketing agency, is excited to announce that we will be expanding their services in Q3 of 2023 to include NIL and Influencer Talent Management. This expansion allows us to provide an even more comprehensive suite of services to our clients.

AdToro already offers Paid Search, Influencer Marketing for brands, Paid Social, Programmatic Advertising, Amazon Advertising, Organic Social, SEO, Email Marketing, and OOH Advertising. Now with the addition of NIL and Influencer Talent Management services, AdToro can create unique partnership opportunities for influencers while pairing brands with influencers who help them achieve their campaign objectives.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer our clients even more comprehensive digital marketing solutions than ever before,” said CEO and President Chris Crawford. “By adding NIL and Influencer Talent Management services we are able to offer a full suite of services that will not only help our clients grow and allow them to get the most out of their campaigns, but we can help influencers and athletes find deals that are both lucrative and beneficial to their career development.”

The new NIL and Influencer Talent Management service will focus on helping amateur athletes maximize their potential by connecting them with brand partners who can provide them with resources they need to reach success. Additionally, AdToro’s team of experts will be available to assist influencers in creating content strategies as well as developing promotional campaigns tailored specifically for each individual client.

“We recognize that many amateur athletes and influencers don’t have reliable resources or the support they need to reach their financial goals,” said Head of Digital Strategy Tyler Hall. “That’s why we are so passionate about providing this service – it gives us an opportunity to help those athletes and influencers succeed while also helping brands find the perfect talent for their campaigns.”

AdToro is committed to providing a comprehensive suite of digital marketing solutions that meet the needs of both brands and influencers alike. With the launch of its new NIL and Influencer Talent Management service in Q3 2023, AdToro is looking forward to continuing its mission of providing innovative solutions for today’s modern marketer.

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